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Welcome to the professional section.

I am currently employed by KCL as a Research Associate for the Planning Group, which is part of the Informatics department. My main research focus is to make planning technology more scalable. This work first came to the fore during my PhD work, where I developed the lifted planner L-RPG. I extended this work to Contingency Planning where I deviced a method to factorise these problems which resulted in much better scalable planners.

In this section you find all my published papers and all projects I worked and worked in as a PostDoc. You can also find my PhD work in this section. The Project section lists all projects that I have worked. All relevant papers are listed for each project and you can find a description of these projects and my involvement in them.

The project I am currently working on in SQUIRREL, which aims to develop an autonomous robot that is aware of the social-context it operates in and can interact with children. This project finishes at the beginning of 2018 it is already proven to be very successful so far.