Welcome to the webpage of the Dreaded Spectre. This is a 3D FPS build using the Dreaded Portal Engine 3D engine. It is the second game I build using  my 3D engine. The first game was a simple platformer.


The game currently features three guns:

  1. A Plasma Gun, high rate of fire but low damage.
  2. A Rocket Launcher, low rate of fire but high damage and its explosion blows objects and players away (allowing rocket jumps!).
  3. A Grenade Launcher, low rate of fire but the grenades can bounce around the level and hit enemies behind obstacles.

There are also two powerup that the players can pickup:

  1. Health.
  2. Ammunition.

The first player to get 15 kills wins the game, the server automatically changes to the next map.

factory level2.png


Dreaded Spectre supports multiplayer and a dedicated server. I have implemented a Client-Server architecture such that the only true simulation of the game runs on the server. The clients simply try to emulate this simulation. However, like in modern multiplayer games client input are directly processed on the client side while sending a timestamped message to the server. The server keeps a backlog of the last X ticks and replays the last few milliseconds while integrating the input from the clients. If a client ever gets out of sync, then the server sends the client the latest game state.

On the client side, we interpolate the data we receive from the server. After all, the time stamps of the received packages are probably a few ticks behind.

The server runs on the port 60000, so if you run the server on your computer make sure that you activate port forwarding on your router to your computer's IP. There is no limit on the number of clients that can connect, it is only limited by the processign power of your CPU. The server reruns the last half a second of the simulation, any packages that arrive after this time period are discarded.

The player who gets 16 kills first wins the game. After the win condition has been satisfied the server switches to a new level and the game starts again.

Future developments

Update the GUI and add better editor features.

Creating levels

Here are a series of videos that make up a tutorial on how to create levels for Dreaded Spectre.

Source code

The source code can be acquired using SVN under the BSD-2 License, the URL is:


Download (Windows only)

An executable of version 0.0.1 can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gaela8sf8bca88n/SpectrePackage.zip?dl=1. Note that a server must be running before you can play.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate the contact me.